June 2019
Metaphor High-end home Interiors
When evaluating Design-Builders, it is important to choose a Design-Build company you can count as your partner. As your partner, the Design-Builders keep your family’s needs & aspirations in perspective, offer flexibility on change requests during construction, and ensure any savings are passed back to you. Empathy to end-users At Metaphor, Design-Build is our core...
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Villa at Nandagiri Hills, Hyderabad
Our goal is to design and build custom homes that match the needs and personality of our home owners. Our work starts before design starts, much before the pencil touches the paper. The first step to doing that is to understand each other better and to establish expectations & goals. Understanding you & your family...
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Living room of Villa at Sainikpuri
With a high focus approach to design, development, coordination & construction, we specialize in bespoke, high-end homes and offer complete turnkey solutions tailored to meet discerning client’s needs. We create exquisite living spaces with equal importance and meticulousness in carefully crafted interiors and elegant exteriors. To understand who we are and what we do, it...
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