When dreams take shape…

“A man travels the world over in search of what he needs, and returns home to find it”
-George A. Moore.

Coming back to the warmth of our home is the best emotion that people long for in this busy world. Addressing our diverse interests and tastes like being a bookworm, a stargazer, an entertainer or even a spiritual guru, there will be dedicated places like the window near the balcony, cozy corners of the living room, open terrace garden or even the exquisitely decorated bedrooms, for each of us. All of these collectively make a building turn into a home where love and memories tie everything together.

Here is one such home that is developed for a close-knit family who prefers making memories together under one roof.

Our client approached us with the desire to build his dream house in Hyderabad. Since we knew him and the family for the past 2 decades, it didn’t take our experts much time to understand his dream. From the concept to design and then construction, everything moved so smoothly that the final product just astounded him.

Let’s take a look around the house and understand our design approach of each part.

The Italian cobblestone paved pathway of this classic house comprises two entrances, one exclusively for the family and the other one for his esteemed guests. This separation helped in maintaining the privacy requirements of both the family and guests. Exterior designed in a Mediterranean style and the interior done in elegant Indian style, this house is a true epitome of elegance. The west side entry of the house is exclusively kept for guests which leads them to the formal living space. This entrance area is engraved with granite cut like a carpet for welcoming the guests. The entrance lights exclusively hand-picked from China and the stylish wooden ceiling are set to elevate the resplendence of the guest entrance.

On the other hand, the family entrance on the north side looks a bit different in style. The illuminated staircases of this main entrance appear like a lit-up carpet to welcome the family members. To enhance the magnificence, the entrance walls are cladded with Italian made tower tiles. The entrance column inside the house acts as a foyer resembling the Indian temple style design. The columns are crafted in brick and plastered with POP punning technique. Embellishment of the column is done with Duco painting and finishing is given with champagne gold leafing. The columns also act as a separator that gives some amount of privacy to the dining area on the ground floor.

Well, moving further on the ground floor, there is a personal office space where he would like to work when at home. His personal office space blends in with the overall design theme of the house flawlessly. Large curved false ceiling embellished with lights is the only ornamentation provided to this room to make it look simple yet modern. The white Mascheroni centre table in this office space is exclusively bought from Italy. A mirrored door that connects the guest entrance foyer on the right side wall of this office space acts as a breather to avoid its closed feeling. Its light yellow and white colour theme just adds the right amount of elegance.

Walking further from the office space, we are welcomed by a spectacular living room on the ground floor. Sheer replication of class is what we would feel while sitting in this living room. Semi-precious stone engraved ceiling is the showstopper in this room which is simply jaw-dropping. The stones are engraved in wood with a burl veneer texture and finishing provided with lacquered painting. Signature furniture in this living room are handpicked from China and Italy and placed beautifully in a perfect combination of mix and match which our experts at Metaphor are proficient at. Be it the Fendi sofas, Lamborghini chairs or the Colombostile chairs, they are just as majestic as the room.

Adjacent to the ground floor living room, a quintessential bar room is placed. The uniqueness of this room is that it gives a visual experience of the living room from inside yet with no compromise on the privacy aspects. This brown and white colour themed bar room is classic in design with a subtle touch of embellishments. Chequered wooden flooring is laid like a carpet to enhance the attractiveness of this room. The creme signature chairs from Colombostile with contrasting brown sofa from China and the stunning Marlyn Monroe abstract on the wall elevates the spirit of the room.

The dining room is one of the major attractions of this house. Our experts provided an elegant colour combination and subtle embellishments inside this room to give it a classic look. The white and bright room is given a striking contrast touch with a brown Turri dining table along with white and brown combination chairs. The overall theme being classic, the ceiling of this double-height room is done in the temple design pattern with gold mirror engraved in between. The crystal chandeliers from Swarovski and painting from Dolfi brings in the magical touch the room needs. Glass panels above windows in this dining room are crafted with pure art. Designed and embroidered fabric is attached on the glass panels for a great visual impact. One of the entries towards the swimming pool area is provided from this dining room to carry on the conversations after dinner. A modern Poggenpohl kitchen adjacent to the dining room is perfectly colour coordinated and styled.

The puja room of this house is also located on the ground floor. The semi-precious stone inlay in Italian marble looks like a charmingly drawn rangoli in front of the Mandir. The golden chandelier of the puja room is specially bought from China. But the main attraction of this room is the golden embroidered curtains by Amita Kanwar. In fact, most of the spectacular window styling of this house is by Amita’s Window Passions.  

Walking past the puja room there is a palatial bedroom with a garden facing window. The brown and creme colour scheme bedroom is both majestic and elegant. The finishing of the Italian designed Turri bed and wardrobe are difficult to miss. The bathroom area of this bedroom is crafted with Breccia Aurora marble creates a magic of an abstract painting. The Crema Marfil flooring of the bathroom just compliments the overall theme.

There is another bedroom on the ground floor which is exclusively designed for guests. A colour blend of black, brown, and silver makes this guest bedroom look like a wonderful combination of fineness and style. What adds more glamour to this room is the furniture that are specially handpicked from China. There are subtle embellishments provided on the bathroom doors which are painted in white to build the camouflage effect. The idea of ‘being minimalistic’ is the uniqueness of the design pattern of this bedroom.

Moving to the first floor of this majestic house, let’s take a look at the master bedroom of this floor. A well ventilated spacious bedroom that truly reflects your vogue is everyone’s desire. This bedroom is one such depiction of style and panache. The lighted cove behind the signature bed is the conspicuous part of the room. The colour combination of brown and creme is reflected throughout each bit of the room. Sheer curtains on the window allow natural light inside the room and give it an elegant look. The light Emperador marble complements the classic characteristics of the room.

Moving ahead from the master bedroom, we will get to see the daughter’s bedroom on the first floor. This bedroom designed for a young girl truly depicts the zest of a princess’s rooms by its colour combination of white, creme, and gold. The signature white and gold bed from Asnaghi is simply the show-stopper. Complimenting to the grandeur of the bedroom, the glass mosaic tile carpet in the shower area elevates the panache of the bathroom. The striking handpicked cabinet from China and the yellow, grey, and white combination in this room is a refresher compared to the usual conservative design patterns.

Every room of this house has certain characteristics that enhance its charm. And primarily it is the meticulously planned and designed arrangement of the room that gives it its own character. This Italian style bedroom of his son is one such touch of creativity. China glass mosaic engraved like a painting on the ceiling is the charm of the room. The golden fabric Colombostile loveseat and the white Flexform chairs are the perfect embellishments that this room demands. A combination of deeper shades of brown and dark crème colour theme also acts as a subtle embellishment in this room. Complimenting the resplendence of the room, the bathroom walls are engraved with brown and black glass strips to make it look spacious. Just to give an additional magical touch, China mosaic design pattern is provided inside the shower room that resembles droplets.

Adjacent to the son’s bedroom, we have designed a spectacular roof garden for his party times and relaxing. A stylish Jacuzzi and artistically done landscaping on the roof garden makes it a perfect gathering place.

His son is also a fitness enthusiast who workout daily. So, a gym with high-end equipment was ineluctable. Apart from a gym, an artistically built home theatre is also quintessential for a movie buff. And this father and son duo is hardcore movie enthusiasts who love to spend their free time with their favourite films. To create a complete theatre experience, our people collaborated with acoustic experts SoundWizard. The acoustic ceiling panels inside this 6 seater home theatre are laid in different shapes to cut off sound waves. Blue lighting is provided as ornamentation in this room adding to the glamour quotient.

And when we finally come out of the house, the exterior looks as elegant as its interior. This Mediterranean themed exterior looks majestic and eye-catchy. Illumination provided throughout the exterior would light up the house for any party or event. The outdoor swimming pool is made with tiles procured from China. This ‘L’ shaped pool has a Gazebo area which is made of bamboo and thatch for enjoying leisure times. The artistic murals on the walls are specially designed by artists from Rajasthan. Landscaping that blends in with the theme of the house was a meticulous design element while planning this house. The greenery around just makes you want to be home all the time.  

As someone rightly said, “home is where love resides, memories are created, friends and family belong, and laughter never ends.” 

Insights from Nagesh Battula, Founder & Managing Director, FHD Group.
Written by Minu Aravind.

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