5 key benefits of Design-Build Methodology for Indian Luxury Home Owners

Every luxury Home Owner wants a hassle-free construction experience, while also ensuring their needs and aspirations are realised through design and detailing. Design-Build becomes the preferred method of construction for them.

A Design-Build company dedicated to exceeding the Home Owner’s needs always ensure high-quality results and full customer satisfaction. From the Home Owner’s perspective, there is a collaborative advantage for working with designers who can think like builders and builders who can think like designers.

Design-Build construction method focuses on bringing design and construction professionals into one partnership to collaborate on one project, keeping in mind the home owners’ aspirations & budgets.

From our 18 years of experience at Metaphor, we’ve identified the following 5 key benefits of Design-Build Methodology for Luxury Home Owners.

  1. Single Pointof Contact & Responsibility
    Typically, the owner selects an architect/designer, finalizesa design, tenders the project to various contractors, select a suitable contractor, and then act as amiddle-man between the designer and contractor. The responsibility of design integrity, communications flow and quality assurance during construction rests with the Home Owner.
    In the design-build approach, the Design-Builder becomes a single point of contact and responsibility for the entire project. Design-Build enables teamwork and relieves the Home Ownerof the responsibility forcommunication flows as well as workflow management.
  2. Smoother Flow of Communication
    Be it between the Home Ownerand designer or contractor and designer, any communications regarding improving the project during design and construction are faster, smoother and with clarity as all team members works in partnership mode. This partnership relationship ensures that any risks are identified and mitigated faster than in traditional forms of construction delivery.
  3. Faster Project Completion
    Design-Build projects can be fast-tracked as there is lesser bidding periods and tender evaluations; project scheduling is part of the design development process; potential budgetery or construction constraints are identified and mitigiated faster; and communication flows are smoother.
  4. Better Quality Assurance & Quality Control
    High quality design and construction is not only a desire of every luxury Home Owner, but also a necessity. Since the designers, engineers and builders are not different entities, entire focus of the team remains on quality assurance and ensuring quality control. Any ambiguity that may arise in design, material and construction specifications are removed at an earlier stage.
  5. Better Budget Management
    At the onset of the design development stage, Design-builder and the Home Ownerwork towards establishing what construction methods and materials will meet home owner’s expectations and budget. Once the budget is set, any variations and cost over runs are documented. Unlike other methods of delivery, variations are triggered due to change orders requested by the Home Owner. Additionally, any value engineering to stay within budget is easier to achieve because the designers and builders are in-house.

Design-Build team is responsible for design integrity, quality, timely delivery as well as budget management during construction.Given the above 5 key insights from our experience as trusted Design-Builders, we believe that Design-Build to be an ideal construction method for Luxury Home Owners in India.

At Metaphor, we are continuing to offer apt design-build solutions for our clients. We will be issuing periodic insights on the same. Email us at Wedesign@metaphordesign.in if you’d like to know more.

Insights from Mrs. Vijaya Durga A, Managing Director, Metaphor Interiors
Written by Sheetal Venkatram

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