A design that blends traditional and contemporary style

Location: Nandagiri Hills, Hyderabad

Area: 10,500 sft (Approx)

This luxury home was designed for an NRI family with their two sons who returned after many years in America. This was their first time appointing an architect and constructing with mortar and cement, unlike Timber construction used in the US.

Based on the discussions with the family and understanding their needs and requirements, we designed a contemporary modern home that still gives a feel of Indian-ness, the house should adhere to the country’s cultural values. They were also particular about easy maintenance.

The land on which the home sits is a picturesque elevated hillock, one of the highest points of the Hyderabad with 360-degree panoramic view. We were asked to follow Vaastu, a strong local sentiment. The intent of the design is to fuse traditional art with the contemporary simplicity of the straight lines.

We elevated the house into split and levels with living areas on higher levels to exploit the uninterrupted views. The elevated entrance to the house allows the placement of a fish pond with a water feature, which also makes the stilt look interesting when standing in that space.

At Metaphor, we are continuing to offer apt design-build solutions for our clients. We will be issuing periodic insights on the same. Email us at Wedesign@metaphordesign.in if you’d like to know more.

Insights from Mrs. Vijaya Durga A, Managing Director, Metaphor Interiors
Written by Sheetal Venkatram

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