A journey beyond just a building…

This beautiful journey dates back almost 14 years when we met a young girl who was fascinated by princess stories. At that tender age, she was very sure of how each aspect of her room should look and reflect her style. Taking inspiration from her desires, we built her nothing short of a princess’ bedroom. She combined all her excitement and happiness in the word ‘wow’ making us feel accomplished and satisfied.

The journey went along strong and we got a call from her around 4 years back. The aspiring young girl was by then grown-up to be a successful entrepreneur who loves travelling. She wanted us to revamp her 6000 sft 4BHK downtown city home. We were more than happy to help her out because like always she was very clear about her desires this time too.

When our experts decoded her requirements, we understood that her new lifestyleand tastes called for larger living spaces, personal and official spaces, support areas and more. The need for larger wardrobes, lifestyle accessories, domestic support system and so on made us knock off 2 bedrooms and carve out spaces. When the home finally took shape, she was thrilled and we were contented that her home turned out modern and classy, exactly how she wished for. The walls were fluted to make it feel soft and romantic manipulating the door to the toilet merge with the wall. The changing colour palette from cream to silver to black, embroidered drapes, and custom-designed everything enhanced the aesthetics of the home. The makeover made her totally amused that she engaged us again in designing the motherhood room for her and the newborn.

It was an insightful experience for us in understanding how the transformation happens in terms of preferences, needs, aesthetics and style as one age. Our journey together continues while learning from each other…

At Metaphor, we are continuing to offer apt design-build solutions for our clients. We will be issuing periodic insights on the same. Email us at Wedesign@metaphordesign.in if you’d like to know more.

Insights from Nagesh Battula, Founder & Managing Director, FHD Group.
Written by Minu Aravind.

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