Build your own Eco-Community. Leave a legacy for your children.

If you’re someone who is committed to living consciously, you’ve already proved that your mindset is a refreshing departure from the take-all, eat-all and use-all approach.

Like some of your close friends, you’re over and done with the maddening pace of life. All you’re looking for is a sanctuary where you can create your own serene cocoon and live a healthy life in harmony with nature. A life where you’re surrounded by like-minded people, who are also in the same pursuit.

Well, the answer for your quest is an Eco-Community. In simpler terms, an Eco-Community is an inclusive holistic eco-system in which human activities are harmlessly integrated into the natural world in a way that is supportive of healthy development for the people and planet.

Sustainability is a Mindset…and a Long-term Goal

Unless the people who invest in an Eco-Community are of a certain temperament, it doesn’t serve the purpose. That’s the point you need to consider when you’re aligning yourself to build an Eco-community.

Just like you and your friends, a group of doctors wanted to build their own eco-community in Nizamabad. They approached and chose to be mentored by Organo, an Eco-Habitat Builder based in Hyderabad, and are building their 1st Eco-community called Rurban Nest.

With our track-record of constructing Award-Winning Eco-habitats in Hyderabad, these pioneering doctors hired Metaphor as their design-build contractors to manifest the project.

Here are key lessons they have shared for fellow-first-time eco-habitat co-creators:

  1. Mindset is paramount
  1. Sustainable mindset can’t be limited to or focussed on short-term results. Patience, openness, and grit to create the change are supreme for all members of the team.
  2. Even after the acceptance of the idea and aligning to a common purpose as a group, you have to be open to critics, naysayers, resistance, early or midway withdrawals but what is most important is that the majority should keep up the spirit.
  3. Empathic Leadership is critical
  4. Even a group of like-minded individuals need a leader, a guide who directs the collective voice; one who keeps the group on the right track away from diversions and motivates them to stay on the course.
  5. It is always better to have a mentor; a guiding light who will hand-hold them on the journey.
  6. Communication is the key
  7. Timely communication among the group plays a pivotal role. It is also advised to have periodic meetups to review and appraise the progress.
  8. Setting Realistic Expectations
  9. As a community, it is important to understand various facets of living in an eco-habitat, the changing aspects well before the community is being formed.
  10. Be aware of farming and animal husbandry related aspects
  11. Understand other aspects of sustainability – solar energy productions, water harvesting etc as a first hand user
  12. Staying educated on your community infrastructure and how to run it is very important
  13. Being prepared for the long-run
  14. Be prepared for the contingency beyond the planned financial phases. It is important to have a well-planned financial set-up and let the entire group understand and abide by this.
  15. Financial matters can make or break the entire spirit of the group. It is important to have an auditor, a legal advisor who will guide the statutory and financial aspects of the group and will bring a neutral perspective.

Are you part of a group of people interested in a healthy natural holistic way of life? Are you looking for that design-build partner, who can make it happen for you? Are you planning to leave behind a legacy built on sustainability for your children and grandchildren?

Let’s talk. Connect with us.

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