Can ‘Frugal’ Be A Mainstream Approach For A Design-Build Firm?

Let’s take a walk down the memory lanes of Metaphor’s design journey when we designed the office space for celebrated film director Puri Jagannath. This story dates back to more than a decade when he was a budding director with a few hits to his credit. He was in need of a temporary office space for three years for his client meetings, story discussions, photoshoots and other interactions. 

Natural lighting diffused with angled ceiling

It was a small project with a minimal budget and time frame. Yet, we wanted to deliver something that resonates with his spirit and aspirations within the set budget and other parameters. The plot was located in one of the residential areas of Jubilee Hills and thankfully, there was plenty of greenery and natural light. Taking advantage of this, we planned the structure as white and bright that allows natural light to flow in from all corners, which turned into an essential character of the interior design. 

Space on the wall for natural lighting to pass through

Photoshoot/media interaction space

To manifest his dream into reality, our designers brainstormed and came up with solutions that were minimalistic in the idea but absolutely captivating and useful. There were several elements that enhanced the overall theme and spirit; be it the simple wall paints or the furniture. To highlight one of these elements, some of the walls were adorned with quotes and lines, which not only enriched the walls but also upped the uber glam quotient of the rooms. 

The director’s office

Being frugal is always a challenge for any designer, especially for a design-build firm like ours. That being said, challenges like these make us more innovative and artistic with our ideas. Here, we got the furniture made at the site with skilled craftsmen. And since it was a filmmaker’s office, a theatre room was inevitable. To bring down the cost, our designers planned seating with masonry and cushions inside the theatre room. 

With the profound work of our experts, we could accomplish this dream space in a span of 6 months within the stipulated budget. Ultimately when Vaishno Academy took shape, the client was spellbound and it served well for more than 7 years than its initial expected lifespan. 

So, yes, we believe that being ‘Frugal’ can also be a design approach with the right expertise at hand. 

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