Can natural ponds be a healthy and sustainable alternative?

Those who spent an eventful childhood in a village would surely be able to recollect the memories of swimming and playing in freshwater ponds, streams or rivulets. The joy of swimming along with the fish, the refreshing feeling, become beautiful memories to cherish for the rest of our lives. 

With passing time, we were able to retain the concept of swimming pools but somehow couldn’t bring back the experience of old days. Everything seems artificial and mechanical in and around the pools. 

However, there are possibilities and technologies that can serve the purpose without losing the spirit of the experience of Natural Ponds. Natural swimming pools are nothing but the replication of village freshwater ponds or streams that can retain life in them, rather a living aquatic system. As you can observe, in the natural system there is no mechanical or technical method to maintain the water quality and yet they remain pure and pristine. Thanks to the aquatic flora and fauna which help in balancing this water quality. Natural swimming pools are designed with the same inspiration in order to avoid the need for chemical substances, to maintain water quality and to provide a fresh and live aquatic system.  

The methodology or technique of natural swimming pools are in use in many parts of the world, majorly Europe and some parts of America, for the last 20 to 30 years. For varying reasons, we don’t have many such pools in India. So we zeroed in on an expert from Bangalore, who is good at building bio-ponds and we challenged him to make it workable in one of our Directors, Nagesh Battula’s personal farm a few years back. This natural pool was functional and working fine with some minor troubles in the initial days and lasted long. Encouraged by this success, Organo aimed to make it commercially viable at a community level for which there was a bigger challenge for Metaphor to build it. 

At Metaphor, we contacted conventional swimming pool designers who were ready to explore the natural way of filtration. We then designed an entire pool in such a way that there is a regeneration area from where water would be pumped into the swimming zone. The water flowing into that regeneration zone is a natural pond set up with all aquatic flora and fauna.

This water passes first through a sand filter and then a biofilter and subsequently to avoid any kind of health or other issues, it finally passes through the UV filter as well. We executed this for the first time at a community level. 

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