Choosing a good Design-Build company for your luxury home

When evaluating Design-Builders, it is important to choose a Design-Build company you can count as your partner. As your partner, the Design-Builders keep your family’s needs & aspirations in perspective, offer flexibility on change requests during construction, and ensure any savings are passed back to you.

Empathy to end-users

At Metaphor, Design-Build is our core strength. While we have our design and construction teams, we also partner with select architects, engineers and construction professionals from across India to structure construction teams that meet the unique demands of every high-end home.

As your partner, Metaphor’s first step is to understand you and your family. We pay our attention to both the ‘told and untold’ needs of the family members. We facilitate the dialogue amongst the members during design and construction as well as help articulate their needs into design and style. Your needs and aspirations manifest into exquisite spaces and aesthetics of your home.

Low callback number

As a mark of good service, the Design-Builders team ensure that there are a low callback number. Callback numbers show how often owners request that the construction team make repairs after a job’s completion.

At Metaphor, our construction team ensures there are a low callback number. While we have low callback numbers, we’ve offered the extension of our services to meet any new small fixes for our clients. Our empathic response has been one of the hallmark reasons we have consistently recurring clients for their new homes.

Track record of service and delivery

Finally, Design-Builders should have a track record of good service and construction delivery, in addition to a portfolio of similar sized projects to yours. Design-Builders team’s communications and payment systems should be in place so you are always informed and updated on project progress.

As Design-Builders, we minimize the layers of communication and processes, thus making it easy for families. We are a part of your journey and in the manifestations of your dreams. Our repeat clients remain a testimony of the quality of our design services and construction delivery.

At Metaphor, we are continuing to offer apt design-build solutions for our clients. We will be issuing periodic insights on the same. Email us at if you’d like to know more.

Insights from Mrs. Vijaya Durga A, Managing Director, Metaphor Interiors
Written by Sheetal Venkatram

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