Coziness and style of a personal living room…

Windows and curtains or cushions and floor tiles, elements that reflect the style and spirit of the resident is what we call a complete design. In continuation of the design story of one of our prestigious projects, we portrayed the exquisiteness of the entrance foyer of the house. Now, let’s step inside the house to find out more about the panoply of the house.

Changing the interior of the house post-construction is always a challenge. This building was an apartment that couldn’t live up to the expectations of our client. Our client wanted this house to be turned into her cozy living space which reflects her panache.

Being a socialite and a person belonging to the media industry, she wanted to have living rooms that could cater to different spheres of guests. Our designers came up with the idea of separate living rooms to meet her requirements.

Once we enter inside, the right side of the house welcomes us to her personal living room space which is vibrant and dazzling. This room is designed specifically for playful yet relaxing moments and parties with her friends. The main attraction of this cozy area is a signature wall that’s crafted with skills. Assorted colorful fabric is used to decorate this wall which is finished with a clear mirror accentuate the look.

Moving further, one can see the color-coordinated living room sofa which is designed in a silverish velvety pattern. Since the apartment structure was already built, we were unable to raise the height of the ceiling. The perfect alternative for this problem was the black mirror ceiling to make the area look more elevated. The golden crystal chandelier on the mirrored ceiling is the felicitous beautification needed to lift up the swankiness of the room.

The indoor hammocks and colorful cushions by the bay windows of this living room are made colorful and energetic with handpicked cushions and pillows. An extendable bar area in a silver finish is designed exclusively for her party times with friends. A combination of silver being the theme of this area, the hammock cushions are in symmetry the bar counter design theme.

Every design becomes priceless when it serves the right intent. This voguish yet contemporary living room is the best hangout place for a young adult in her early 30’s.

At Metaphor, we are continuing to offer apt design-build solutions for our clients. We will be issuing periodic insights on the same. Email us at if you’d like to know more.

Insights from Nagesh Battula, Founder & Managing Director, FHD Group.
Written by Minu Aravind.

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