Design-Build is the apt construction method for Indian luxury homeowners

The construction sector in India is a developing sector and, in the last seven decades, it has witnessed strong growth in metros such as Delhi, Mumbai, Chennai, Hyderabad and Bangalore. Despite being one of the largest seasonal employment providers in India next only to agriculture, the sector is highly unorganized and is the principal industry employing short duration out-of-city migrants. More than 80% of the employment in the Building and Construction sector is a minimally skilled workforce.


Given this above scenario, construction delivery becomes a heavy burden on the luxury homeowners who wish to experience a hassle-free home construction process. In addition, it is a time-consuming activity for you to individually manage multiple interactions & contracts with various entities like designers, contractors, vendors and suppliers.

Additionally, the onus of ensuring quality design and construction rests with you and not construction entities. This is in addition to your responsibility of communications and closing gaps between various construction tradesman.


Design-build is a construction delivery system in which the design and construction services are contracted by a single point of contact known as the design-builder or design-build contractor. This single entity holds responsibility for pre-construction briefing, design development and various construction stages of the project. On behalf of the home-owner, this single point-of-contact manages all contracts, including those with sub-consultants, sub-contractors, vendors, materials suppliers and furniture, finishes & equipment.


Typically, construction process follows a critical path that includes design stages, construction stages, contract formats, selecting a construction solution, interior contractors, craftsman and more. Your ideal partner in this journey is not a service-provider-on-hire, but a partner with your best interests at heart – someone who delivers apt design and construction solutions customized for you and your family.


Based on over 1,10,434 Sq.ft of homes constructed by Metaphor, we’ve outlined the main benefits of Design-Build below:

  1. Owners’ responsibilities are minimized as Design-Builders are one single point entity that controls design and construction
  2. Owners’ focus is on critical design & delivery decisions rather than the everyday contracts management
  3. Contractual disputes between various entities are eliminated
  4. Speed of delivery is faster as there are reduced communication and response times
  5. Cost savings due to economies of scale and apt contractual models
  6. Creative and constructible solutions are developed within the design phase as there is early involvement of the construction team

Design-Builders like Metaphor offer strong solutions for complex luxury home projects where multiple specialists are working on challenging sites to fast-track schedules and significant budgets.

At Metaphor, we are continuing to offer apt design-build solutions for our clients. We will be issuing periodic insights on the same. Email us at if you’d like to know more.

Insights from Mrs. Vijaya Durga A, Managing Director, Metaphor Interiors
Written by Sheetal Venkatram

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