Our goal is to design and build custom homes that match the needs and personality of our homeowners. Our work starts before design starts, much before the pencil touches the paper. The first step to doing that is to understand each other better and to establish expectations & goals.

Understanding you & your family

We believe that there is a strong interconnection between people and their living environment. By inquiring into & understanding different aspects of your family such as traits (sporting, professional-working, cooking, dining, hosting, fashion, travelling), social profile, daily & weekend rituals, we can map your family’s spatio-cultural & spatio-social characteristics. This study, in turn, becomes the foundation on which your home design is developed.

Understanding your routine, lifestyle & expectations

We believe your home should proactively respond to and meet the needs of your personal habits, behaviours, cultural values and routines. During this exercise, we identify the requirements and refine our understanding of your material, stylistic & functional preferences.

Why is this understanding important first step in our client engagement process

Luxury homeowners and their families are highly engaged in their home design and construction process. Our job is to help facilitate dialogues amongst the various stakeholders, understand the common thread of intent, and create a set of solutions that meets the needs and aspirations of each of them.

In addition, luxury homes need to be highly customised to each family. Each family is unlike the next. We understand that aspect and our designs & construction reflect the personality and spatial needs of each family.

Insights from Mrs. Vijaya Durga A, Managing Director, Metaphor Interiors
Written by Minu Aravind

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