Metaphor merges with Organo

After making a mark in exclusive Luxury Home design-build solutions, we’re happy to announce that Metaphor is now merging with Organo to focus on full service construction for Responsible Living Habitats & Infrastructure. This is another milestone on the journey of aligning ourselves to stay focused on end-user needs, expectations and aspirations.

Our services include both Design-Build as well as General Contracting Services, that include farming infrastructure, animal husbandry infrastructure for Eco-Habitats.

Headed by Vijaya Adigopula, a prolific designer and engineering professional with 25 years of experience in the construction industry, Metaphor has the distinction of being the only Construction company in the country to be headed by a woman and now with the Organo-Metaphor merger, another enriching phase has begun.

Metaphor began its journey as an Interior Design company two decades ago and before long, created a unique niche for itself. Setting new benchmarks in designing exquisite top-notch luxury homes for high-profile clients, Metaphor became a name to reckon with, in the business of end-to-end design solutions.

Since our inception in 2001, our sole aim has been to provide every possible support to our clients to make their homes an extension of their personality. We left no brick unturned to turn their visions into reality by adding every conceivable value and make their experience of setting up a home, a pleasantly memorable one. Our client base increased exponentially through word-of-mouth and we went on to design-build several landmark Luxury Homes for the who’s who of the country. We owe our success solely to our clients who have been our Evangelists and Brand Ambassadors, beginning from our first project.

Over the last 19 years, we’ve seen consistent success, thanks to referrals by our happy clients, and evolved from a Luxury home interiors company to design-build company with services that include construction and general contracting. The turning point in our design thinking arrived when we collaborated with Organo to build Naandi, an Eco-Habitat in 2013 (Check the year), which went on to win several landmark awards in the Sustainability category. It was time for us to push our boundaries and expand our horizons to include Responsible Living Habitats and Infrastructure Solutions as an integral part of our services.

In 2019, we embarked on building Nizamabad’s First-Ever Rurban Community for a pioneering group of Doctors, looking to live closer to safe food, fresh air, and clean environment.

Our journey as one of the finest Design-Build firms has been most satisfying and now, we are honoured to extend our focus to building Eco-Habitats to fulfil our purpose of  ‘Co-Creating Responsible Living Habitats & Infrastructure’.

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