The need to build Rurban Nest

Urban crowd, busy schedules, never-ending traffic, pollution, isolated lives, most of us could easily relate to many of these attributes of modern lifestyle whether we agree or not. While some enjoy this fast-paced city life, for many it is a different story altogether. There is a group of doctors from Nizamabad who share a similar experience of not wanting to be a part of this race. Let’s hear it from them on their expectations and vision for a better future.

Dr. Chandrasekhar Reddy, a renowned Neurologist in Nizamabad, shares his thoughts on the Rurban Nest for them and the future generations. 

“A doctor’s life is always a busy one; anytime emergencies, long working hours, constant need of learning and many more. Yet, this is something that we choose for ourselves and we wish to pursue for the rest of our lives. But with time, many things changed around us, in our neighbourhood, in our lives, that we never wanted or asked for. The changing lifestyles, pollution, traffic, crowd, adulterated food, deteriorating health conditions, declining social relations, and many. 

When I recollect my memories of childhood, it takes me back to those green days where we used to play on fields, get soaked in the purity of nature, and be socially active. I am afraid I could say the same would be the experience of my children. They live inside four walls amidst their gadgets in a virtual world thinking that rice is grown on a tree. 

This very thought about what we are leaving behind for the coming generations made us all concerned about the future. We are living in a decade where ‘Climate Change’ is not just a topic discussed in world forums. Rather, it started affecting our daily lives in different forms like increased temperature, floods, frequent cyclones, drought, heat & cold waves, pest attacks, and so many more. Our exploitation levels have reached such a height that now we have to go backwards and take steps to minimise the effects of the repercussions. Even the food that we eat or the water we drink is now rich in chemicals and adulterants. 

We were sure in our minds that we wanted a place to live where we can grow our food, that is more rooted in rural values, close to nature, and with some comforts of urban life. Kind of a best of both worlds. 

Luckily we got to know about the Organo Naandi community and the moment we saw it, we were convinced that this idea resonates with our vision in all ways. The Metaphor team is now manifesting our dream Rurban Nest into reality in Nizamabad under the mentorship of Organo.  

Interested to build or be a part of a Rurban community? Let’s connect...

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