The significance of eco-habitats in these changing times…

Living a sustainable life and being close to nature is slowly becoming the luxury of our times considering the drastically changing world. Population growth and rapid urbanization are confining people to concrete jungles. A breath of fresh air is becoming difficult in urban peripheries. These adversities are making the urban population move towards semi-urban areas or some to even rural areas seeking a healthy life.

Similarly, a group of doctors from Nizamabad had a dream of living in a place that offers rural ethnicities and urban comforts while re-establishing their bonds with nature. With the city growing bigger and bigger, their desire slowly became a need. During this time, they happened to come across Organo Naandi, a Rurban community in Hyderabad and it turned out to be the exact replica of an eco-habitat they have always dreamed of.

Their search ended up at the right place and eventually reached Metaphor to fulfil their dream. Let’s hear it from one of the doctors Mr Srinvas Reddy, a Radiologist, about their journey of building Nizamabad’s first eco-habitat.  

The concept of Sapthapatha (Air, Water, Food, Energy, Earth, Shelter, and People) as the core of Organo Naandi is what excited us to know more about the project and replicate a similar model in our city. Our interactions with the key people from Metaphor, Organo, and FHD Consultants made us understand the essence of an eco-habitat and the mindset needed to build a similar project. It was altogether a new learning experience for all of us belonging to a completely different field.

In our heads, we were very clear about where we wanted to live and what we should leave behind for our children. Most of us are from rural backgrounds and we still hold onto the memories of those days where we used to grow our own food, had a healthy environment, and happy neighborhoods. It makes me feel terrible that my children are getting deprived of these luxuries because of our busy schedules and growing cities.  

Our initial plan was to buy a combined play area and activities corner for our kids. But when we realised we could also provide them with the rural life experience we had in our childhood, we decided to build the ‘Rurban Nest’ for them. A place where we could grow unadulterated food, relish the tranquillity of nature, experience rural ethnicity while enjoying all the urban comforts.

While we enjoy the perks of an eco-habitat, we are also aware that there are many responsibilities to build and maintain an eco-habitat. It calls for a mindset change where we understand the actual luxuries of life and learn to co-exist with nature. We are hopeful that a community like ours can set an example for sustainable living. More of such communities and projects will contribute greatly to the sustainable development of society and our ecosystem.”

Want to build a sustainable eco-habitat like the Rurban Nest? Let’s connect…

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