The Vital Role of a Design-Build Firm in Transforming Ideas into Reality

Transforming someone’s dream into reality isn’t an easy task, especially when you are building their home. People have great aspirations when it comes to designing their home. Let’s take a look at one such home Metaphor manifested for a client inside the Organo Naandi community.

This villa inside the community belongs to Mr Hari Thalapally and Mrs Sumita Hari. Sumita works for Deloitte and Hari is the COO of Call Health, a telemedicine company. They have two children, a daughter and a son. The couple already has an independent farmhouse yet they wanted to be part of a collective farming community like Organo Naandi. 

Hari hails from Kerala and Sumita is a Hyderabadi with a Bihari background. Both of them are very fond of the Kerala style of architecture and design and wanted to replicate the same style interiors for their Naandi villa. Both Sumita and Hari are socially active and hence wanted a bigger living space to host their frequent guests and friends. To make this possible with the existing structure, one of the guest bedrooms on the ground floor was re-modified and merged with the living room which made it more open, airy and spacious. 

Their love for the Kerala style of designs was not only restricted to the structure but also to furniture, artefacts and all other elements that contributed to the interior design of the house. 

They brought a lot of collections from their antique store dealer and Hari had a very clear idea about how he wanted to style his home. 

As a responsible and empathic design-build partner, Metaphor managed to give him that support to put his dreams into reality. However, in the manifestation of the interior design of this beautiful house, maximum credit should go to Hari and his sense of style. Each element inside this spectacular house is crafted meticulously with tremendous guidance of Mr Hari Thalapally.

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