Walls and doors that have stories to tell…

“Your home should tell the story of who you are, and be a collection of what you like…” Nate Berkus

A house meticulously designed from the main door to the window, keeping the idea that a young and vivacious queen lives here, is what best explains this house. Our relationship with this client dates back many years, however, when she approached us for her new house, it was a fresh design journey for us.

She came to us with a house which was already built and her brief was that she couldn’t connect with the existing structure. Our experts could understand her aspirations and we started off revamping her house. Through a series of articles, we are going to expound this design story.

To make something look incredible, one should start from the beginning. Believing in this idea, we decided to add more glamour to the lift lobby which would welcome her every day to her dream home. To reflect her true style, our experts came up with the idea of mirrors. We recreated the wall facing the lift with a combination of black mirror strips on both edges, followed by a huge bronze mirror in the middle which is centered with a clear round mirror. To enhance its charm further, signature chairs were placed on sides along with beautiful golden flower vase and white flowers. This turned the lift lobby into a foyer which resembled the entrance magnificence of a luxury hotel.

View from lift entrance

Once you come out of the lift, the astounding grand wall would lead you to the huge main door which is beautifully decorated with ceramic flowers. The maroon colored ceramic flowers with golden leaves and vines were brought exclusively from Italy. Its contrasting feature with the white door elevated the spirit of the house from the exterior itself. The ceramic flowers were arranged in such a way to mirror the crown of a queen.

Ceramic flower decorated main door

Since the structure was already built, we couldn’t do much to increase the ceiling height to make the entrance look more palatial and grand. So, we had to come up with alternatives that could still serve the objective. Adding a layer of the mirror to the ceiling was the outcome. The Bronze glass was used here as well to be in sync with the theme. It beautifully elevated the feel of height and splendor. The chandelier with yellow lights perfected the look of the entrance area.  


The priceless takeaway for us was the look in her eyes when she came back to see her house. The way she was awe-struck looking at the crown like flowers, made us feel delighted.

At Metaphor, we are continuing to offer apt design-build solutions for our clients. We will be issuing periodic insights on the same. Email us at Wedesign@metaphordesign.in if you’d like to know more.

Insights from Nagesh Battula, Founder & Managing Director, FHD Group.
Written by Minu Aravind.

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