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Guest Entrance

A spectacular house that perfectly blends the Mediterranean and Indian themes! Exterior designed in Mediterranean style and the interior done in elegant Indian style, this house is a true epitome of elegance. The west side entry is exclusively kept for guests that leads to the formal living space.

Family entrance

Italian cobblestone paved pathway leads to the north side entrance designed for the family. Illuminated staircases of this entrance appear as a lit-up carpet. Columns provided inside the entrance acts as a foyer echoing the Indian temple style design. The embellishment of the columns is done with Duco painting and finishing is given with champagne gold leafing.

Living room

This living room is a sheer replication of elegance at its best. The semi-precious stone engraved ceiling is completely jaw-dropping. Signature furniture handpicked from China and Italy and are beautifully placed in a mix and match style.


This brown and white colour themed bar room is classic and subtle in design. The visual experience of the living room from the bar room, without compromising the privacy aspects, stands out as a design uniqueness. Chequered wooden flooring and signature furniture with an abstract painting of Marilyn Monroe complement the look of this room.

Daughter’s bedroom

The daughter’s bedroom is composed with a sequence of colours ranging from white to cream, to gold. The stunning white and gold bed from Asnaghi acts as a show-stopper here. Adding to it, the glass-mosaic tile carpet in the shower area, handpicked cabinet from China, and the yellow, grey, and white blend design of the bathroom, perfectly balances the grandeur of the bedroom.

Master bedroom

This well ventilated spacious master bedroom represents vogue and panache. The lighted cove behind the bed, sheer curtains, and light Emperador marble flooring enhance the classic characteristics of this room.

Son’s bedroom

The son’s bedroom is composed in an Italian style with a striking China glass mosaics engraved painting on the ceiling. Deeper shades of brown and cream colours act as a subtle embellishment to this room. The golden fabric Colombostile loveseat and white Flexform chairs add charm to this room.

Dining room

To meet the overall classic theme of this white and bright dining room, a striking contrast of brown is provided with the dining table and chairs from Turri. The ceiling of this double-height room is constructed in temple design style with golden mirror engraved in between. The crystal chandeliers from Swarovski and a stunning painting from Dolfi delivers a magical touch to this dining room.


The Mediterranean themed exterior of this house looks majestic and eye-catchy. Illumination provided throughout the exterior would light up the house for any party or event. This ‘L’ shaped outdoor swimming pool has a Gazebo area made of bamboo and thatch. The artistic murals on the walls are specially crafted by artists from Rajasthan. ‘Landscaping that blends with the style statement’ was a meticulous design component while planning this house. The surrounding greenery makes anyone want to be at home forever.

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